Telling the time has never been easier thanks to the convenience of digital clocks. These modern clocks add a fun look to your space, but they also serve a helpful function. Whether you need to set an alarm to start your busy day or you want to view the time quickly from any vantage point in your den or home office, Wayfair has a large selection of digital wall clocks that can fulfill any need. Ranging from sleek and modern to sports-themed, consider the following when you pick out the perfect digital clock for you.
Marathon's Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock with Table Stand is part of the new elite line. Measuring 17 x 11 inches with nearly 5-inch tall digits this clock is perfect for any large room or office. The large digits make this clock extremely easy to read, even at a distance. It features a sleek, modern design that looks great with all styles of decor.It displays the time, day, date, indoor temperature and humidity.
Because digital clocks can be very small and inexpensive devices that enhance the popularity of product designs, they are often incorporated into all kinds of devices such as cars, radios, televisions, microwave ovens, standard ovens, computers and cell phones. Sometimes their usefulness is disputed: a common complaint is that when time has to be set to Daylight Saving Time, many household clocks have to be readjusted. The incorporation of automatic synchronization by a radio time signal is reducing this problem (see Radio clock).
I bought this clock and decided to chance the fact that it might die after a year. Sure enough, it did. But I'm a guy who knows a little bit about electronics so I thought I'd take it apart, find whatever was wrong, and fix it. I disassembled the clock and with my multimeter I checked all the pieces. Sure enough it was solidly built and all the parts looked to be in good order.
Clocks today go far beyond the standard cuckoo or grandfather styles — everything from a futuristic digital alarm clock to a simplistic wood grain piece can add a touch of personal style and functional flair to your home. Whether you're mounting your clock on your wall as a focal point, using it as a bedside reference, or adorning your desk, a clock is always a useful addition to any space.